petit-mondeThe Playful MRI Simulator created by the teams of Pr JP Pracros and developed by the association “Petit Monde”.

irm pour enfant

How to avoid sedation or general anesthesia for an MRI exam ?

irm pour bébéThe MRI exam is a sophisticated exam that is perceived as scary for children. It has 3 main constraints that are difficult to manage :

  • The elongated position in the tunnel
  • The very deafening noise caused by the examination sequences
  • Absolute stillness needed to have good image quality

This simulator developed by a team of radiologists of the Children’hospital of Lyon-France meets these 3 constraints.
By preparing the child with the help of this rocket-shaped simulator, the child is more cooperative during the real examination and this avoids the use of medicated sleeping practices.


Some figures on the Playful MRI Simulator


Since 2012, 33 hospitals have been equipped with the Playful MRI Simulator

18,000 children benefited from this preparation

8 out of 10 anesthesias were avoided

Comparative studies conducted by 4 hospitals