petit-mondeThe Playful MRI Simulator for children  was developed by Dr. Jean Pierre Pracros, President of the Association Petit Monde..


How to avoid sedation or general anesthesia to perform an MRI exam to a child?

The objective is that the child manages to achieve the necessary degree of immobilization into MRI without using anesthesia or sedation.


« Today, this innovation allows my unit to avoid anesthesia in more than 8 out of 10 cases ».

The MRI’s simulator original design shaped rocket attracts the child and present the exercise as a game rather than a anxious medical imaging exam. The idea is to take the child in a story by making it mounted in a rocket and in doing so become an astronaut. Through this story, the child comes more easily to accept the noise of the MRI and stationary position it imposes.

The MRI rocket Game really helps prepare the child for MRI under conditions much less stressful with a playful and colorful material.


Some key figures on MRI simulator


1 800 children have traveled in our rockets

8 of 10 anesthesia are avoided thanks to MRI simulator

10% increase in the use of MRI

10 000 € saved each month (for pediatric MRI 5 per week)

500 € saved each avoided anesthesia

9 equipped hospitals with MRI simulator in France and Switzerland, For more information, click here